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     Always found peace and happiness when I got behind the bars of Motorcycle, it was like connecting to something similar to how Navi people in Avatar connect with animals and trees :))

 I come from a middle-class family, my dad used to drive Auto rickshaw (similar to tuktuk) to put food on the table. The first half of my life was with a lot of struggle just for survival.

I completed my bachelor’s in 2004 and began my rat race in the corporate world to find a job with a higher salary, better future, perks to satisfy the needs and wants. For the next 15 years, I worked my ass out and tasted success = money, travel, cars, lifestyle and all other materialistic things which are shown as a success by our society. No matter how much I had I always wanted more and there was this void space that could never be filled.

That’s when three experiences combined changed the way I looked at life forever

1. Sadguru – Mystic

2. 3 idiots movie (inspirational movie to follow your passion)

3. Minimalism documentary (Clearly says things don’t make you happy)

Moment of truth = “Wants can never be satisfied and you don’t need a lot to be happy” decided to focus more on my passion –Motorcycling and less on other things

My mission is to travel the world on 2 wheels and document everything to help my brothers and sisters who share the same passion. I believe there is more happiness in GIVING than taking.

Now I ride and develop products that will be helpful for riders to make their riding life interesting. The aim is to provide quality products at an affordable price.


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