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     Always found peace and happiness when I got behind the bars of Motorcycle, it was like connecting to something similar to how Navi people in Avatar connect with animals and trees :))

 I come from a middle-class family, my dad used to drive Auto rickshaw (similar to tuktuk) to put food on the table. The first half of my life was with a lot of struggle just for survival.

I completed my bachelor’s in 2004 and began my rat race in the corporate world to find a job with a higher salary, better future, perks to satisfy the needs and wants. For the next 15 years, I worked my ass out and tasted success = money, travel, cars, lifestyle and all other materialistic things which are shown as a success by our society. No matter how much I had I always wanted more and there was this void space that could never be filled.

That’s when three experiences combined changed the way I looked at life forever

1. Sadguru – Mystic

2. 3 idiots movie (inspirational movie to follow your passion)

3. Minimalism documentary (Clearly says things don’t make you happy)

Moment of truth = “Wants can never be satisfied and you don’t need a lot to be happy” decided to focus more on my passion –Motorcycling and less on other things

My mission is to travel the world on 2 wheels and document everything to help my brothers and sisters who share the same passion. I believe there is more happiness in GIVING than taking.

Now I ride and develop products that will be helpful for riders to make their riding life interesting. The aim is to provide quality products at an affordable price.





It’s really a thoughtful design and worth every single penny spent on it. Top-notch quality and sturdy enough to hold 3 jackets along with the helmet. Although I distributed the load to be on the safer side as leather jackets are heavier but it looked like that it could easily take that ‘extra’ load easily too. Helmets are firmly planted on top with no risk of falling but the hooks can have a little more curve to prevent hangers to slide, but again that can be avoided by using thin metal hangers! Overall, one of the best accessories for your motorcycle gears. Thanks, GetSetRide!



Awesome product and it fits very well. Please go for it it’s worth buying. I think this type of guard is not available anywhere. Fully satisfied.


Offroad Rider

This product although not aluminum but is still quite sturdy and robust as per its build quality. It has some weight to it and will do its intended job of protecting the rear brake fluid reservoir quite well.

It fits very easily. Just unscrew the one bolt of the reservoir, fit this guard on top of the reservoir and fit the bolt back. Hardly takes 5mins. I will recommend this product.


Long distance tourer


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